The richness of the Peruvian gastronomic culture expressed in the gourmet restaurant “Cuchara de Palo”

Traditional place in Pisac with the best gourmet food prepared by expert chefs in the art of the cultural gastronomy, with the richest cultural flavor rooted in every detail that communicates more than 5000 years of Andean culinary cuisine.

Kawsaypaq is a company specialized in tourism with bases in sustainable practices, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco, in Peru, with several years of experience in the service of high cultural value and traditional offers. Born of their owners that is attached to the ancestral culture with a deep love for the conservation of the people’s traditions, so they are impregnated in every product and service that they provide.

Peru Cultural Journeys: a tour operator that is tied to various community activities of unique people, establishing connections between the tourist and the traditions of the communities they visit.

Pisac Inn and Spa Unucha: a very quaint boutique hotel in the Sacred Valley with a cozy atmosphere where they receive tourists from all parts of the world and its Spa with the best ancestral techniques in the relaxation therapies of the body and the mind.

Cuchara de Palo: A gourmet restaurant that combines cultural cuisine in all its dishes, with fresh and organic ingredients that are observed in every detail that is present in the food you serve.

Cultural food prepared at the Restaurant Cuchara de Palo in Pisac

A culinary art that is directly related with the ways of obtaining products that will serve as ingredients for the preparation of what is today one of the most exquisite meals of the world. From its production involved a lot of history behind, with techniques in relation to the stars for the cultivation of quality food, what is now the oldest agricultural science and currently used by communities, get the most sweet and delicious vegetables of the world thus creating a quality service up to the time of the preparation in the expert hands of chefs that have also the mixture of several traditions of their past, that take their perpetual art to the tastes of the tourists who come forward to prove the most varied culture of Peru expressed in its gastronomy.

Preparation of gourmet dishes by our expert chef

The project Kusi Nan driven by Kawsaypaq provides the best elements that complement the quality of the peruvian cuisine. This is why the restaurant in Pisac was created, where the professionals in charge provide with excellent options to choose from breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, like:

– Chicken chilli consists of thin strips of chicken served with a creamy yellow and spicy sauce

– Dry lamb lamb stew made in a pot after marinating with chicha de jora (beer made with corn) and spices including fresh coriander leaves

– Stir-fried loin, it is a dish made out of steak which is fried in a wok along with peppers, tomato, garlic, onions, coriander and soy sauce

Organic vegetable garden Kusi Ñan: where fresh ingredients are obtained for the restaurant

Novo andinos dishes, like: Trout with passion fruit, mashed potatos with amaranto, organic salads, varieties of international dishes and the artisanal pizza prepared in our wood-burning oven, where you will be able to feel each one of the ingredients chosen to delight even the most demanding customer.

Also, the drinks menu, which features the popular beer of Cusco and the Sacred Valley craft beer brewery, the best Pisco wines, cocktails, fresh juices and the typical chicha morada, among other soft drinks that are sure to quench thirst and will leave a pleasant taste in the mouth.

Handcrafted Beer from the Sacred Valley

Delight yourself with these products that offers this beautiful town, where the best deal, tours, landscapes, body therapies, cultural and gastronomic food will be the best company that had always wanted to make your travel experience, a unique visit in your life.

Staff at Cuchara de Palo restaurant in Pisac

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