Peru’s ancient agrarian tradition resulted in an abundant diversity of products, with a myriad of flavors, colors and aromas that have won special recognition for Peruvian Culinary Art as one of the most exquisite and sophisticated of the planet.

Cuchara de Palo celebrates this wealth of Peruvian Cuisine, specializing in traditional dishes and Novo Andean recipes created by our chef for your enjoyment. Our cuisine is inspired by the beautiful array of native Andean produce, and is a celebration of this ancient agrarian tradition. We are dedicated to organic, locally sourced, and fresh ingredients. Made from scratch, we collaborate with our providers directly, and honor the Slow Food movement.

We believe that through food one can experience the culture.

From an ideal location on the historic plaza of Pisac we invite you to enjoy our intimate fireside dining area, our enchanting interior patio full of local plants and flowers, our lively sidewalk café, or upstairs balcony with overlooking the historic plaza and the famous Pisac Market.