We specialize in Traditional Peruvian Cuisine from the rich culinary heritage of Peru, such as Aji de Gallina (spicy peanut chicken dish), Seco de Cordero (cilantro lamb stew), Lomo Saltado (strips of loin, tomato, bell pepper, and fried potatoes), Soltero de Abas (fava beans, corn and cheese), Quinoa Soup, and more.

We serve creative Novo Andean Dishes, such as passion fruit trout, amaranth mashed potatoes, kiwicha corn pancakes, and alpaca steak in a red wine reduction with quinotto.

Our organic salads are prepared with mixed greens locally sourced from the Kusi Ñan Organic Farm.

We also serve international fare and light dishes, with several vegetarian options such as quinoa stir-fry and pumpkin soup. Our house made pasta dishes are delicious, featuring our pumpkin ravioli in corn cream sauce.

The artisanal pizza, Italian style with thin crust, is prepared in our wood-burning oven with organic and locally sourced toppings. We fire up the oven only for special events with prior reservation, minimum 24-hour notice.

Enjoy a selection of desserts that tantalize the senses!

We prepare picnics for excursions with prior reservation, minimum 24-hour notice.

We can create a special set menu for groups with prior reservation, minimum 24-hour notice. Prices on menu are in soles.