Cuchara de Palo is inspired by the beautiful array of native Andean produce, and our cuisine is a celebration of this ancient agrarian tradition. We believe that through food one can experience the culture.

Cuchara de Palo shares the wealth of Peruvian Cuisine with bold traditional and Andean fusion dishes for the enjoyment of our guests. We are dedicated to organic, locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and supporting our community.

Peru’s ancient agrarian tradition resulted in an abundant diversity of products, with a myriad of flavors, colors and aromas that have won special recognition for Peruvian Culinary Art as one of the most exquisite and sophisticated of the planet.

The produce for our organic salads, soups, fresh pastas and our vegetarian options come from the Kusi Ñan Project, a local not for profit farm which preserves the rich ancestral agrarian traditions and practices of the Quechan and Incas.  The farm is partnered with the Kusi Kawsay School to connect the children to their environment and food sources as well as their Andean agrarian roots.

The restaurant supports the school and farm, whose aim is to empower economically challenged children from Pisac town and remote communities above Pisac, Peru; to embrace their heritage, and become confident young adults and leaders of the community.

The restaurant is located in the Pisac Inn, a boutique hotel on the lively market square of Pisac in the Scared Valley of the Incas. The hotel and the restaurant were founded by Fielding and Roman Vizcarra who have a passion for food, and their community. Along with some local families they are founders of the school, the farm project, and cultural centers. They also provide custom tours of Peru through their company Peru Cultural Journeys, which seeks to educate on the Andean traditions that they celebrate in all of their activities.

Cuchara de Palo supports the Kusi Kawsay Andean School
and the Kusi Ñan Andean Organic Farm